Sophie Makes a Robot (SMaR)

In July 2012 I built my very first, very own robot. To accompany the process I also built my very own, very first website.
The website was meant to be hosted by the Imperial College server, but for several reasons, this option wasn’t working properly and left me with a whole load of hassle. I ended up hosting the site on dropbox, which works perfectly fine, but makes for one hell of an ugly link.
As the original site is basically a blog with some added on pages, I’ve decided to house the original posts here on Sci-phie.
From tomorrow on there will be a weekly post of Sophie Makes a Robot.

Here is the original introduction, with reference to the site replaced to the blog :

Welcome to Sophie Makes a Robot!
This website is about robots and how to build them if you’ve never built a robot before.
We all know robots are awesome, so what’s stopping all of us from building them?
Many people think you need some sort of special skill to build a robot and that they could never do it.

I was one of those people, but then I thought ‘hey, sod it!
I can build a robot if I want to!’
So this website is about me, Sophie, making my first robot and talking you through the trials and tribulations I encountered along the way.

If you’re already building a robot and you’ve come across a specific problem, wait for the ‘Problems + Solutions’ post for a quick reference guide.
If you’re thinking about building a robot, but you don’t know how to start, you can read the Diary posts.


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