SMaR: Day 3 Start Building


One by one all the parts have started coming in. Some took a while, most arrived pretty sharpish. What struck me most about all the parts is how SMALL they all were. Seriously, the wires are tiny, the projectboard is the size of the palm of my hand, the pins are miniscule. All of it is SMALL.
All of the stuff came in and I’d forgotten to buy the motors. Why? Because it took me so long to find motors identical to the one on the LMR website. But even without the motors I could start building.

Ouch... First up; snap off those pins. Seriously: that’s difficult. I chipped/tore/broke my nails on that. I know that’s an overly girly thing to worry about. But I think if I didn’t have nails, it’d be EVEN HARDER to pry these pins apart. After breaking 2 nails I ended up cutting my finger on one of the pins. So I ended up biting the pins off, which isn’t recommended by anyone ever. Because then you need to wait for them to dry and you need to clean them because you don’t want your robot to short circuit because your saliva is on it… At least I thought that would be embarrassing.

And then I got to solder for the first time in my life. And I thought that would be way scarier than it was. I also thought I’d mess everything up by being so rubbish at soldering. But soldering is easy. Just wait for the iron to be hot enough, then heat up the pin, put the solder on the pin, touch the solder with the iron, move the iron; done! Super easy! Wowzers! I’m soldering! Awesome.

first time soldering ^That’s the bottom of the project board with the first 4 pins I’ve ever soldered.^

Like I said, I skipped the motor bit, because I had no motors.

So I put the chips in. Read those instructions top to bottom before you start doing this. I tore the original chip off and kind of ruined it in the process. I should’ve realised that that was a stupid idea. Look at the poor thing up there with its crooked legs all up in the air like that, aww. But hey, live and learn. Also; I don’t need that chip anymore for this robot.

Watch out when you do this, because if that chip is still in tact, and you have 3 other black chips… how do you know which is which? Seriously mark these things (not permanently) because it’ll save you a lot of time squinting at the tiny letters that are barely legible.

By this point I was blown away with how easy things were. And mega excited to be building this robot. And then I had to stop. Because all of the next points required the motors. So I had to put everything back into their envelopes and store them somewhere safe.

And wait some longer until these guys came in.


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