SMaR: Day 4 Assembling Body

header4 copyThe motors arrived! There they are ^
In the picture they have the wires already soldered on, but they didn’t come like that. I did the soldering.

The LMR instructions are all ‘oh yeah just cut wires in half and solder them on’, but they fail to mention how difficult it is to strip TINY wires when you don’t have a wire cutter. I ended up snipping my wires into tiny bits because I kept overestimating how much of the wire was plastic. Even when I was SUPER careful. So as you can see I ended up with a big mess of little off-cuts. Ouch...

This has made me think I should get some wire strippers. Also, if you cut these wires in half, they are *very* short and you’re going to have to lengthen them with other wires. So perhaps just don’t halve them, but instead cut the female heads off one end and strip that bit.

During the lengthening of the wires I realised my heat shrink tube didn’t shrink as much as I needed it to. Seriously, these wires are SMALL, so get small heatshrink tube. This meant I was stuck once again. Had to wait for another delivery. But it was the jubilee weekend, so it took FOREVER, because the queen owns the post (royal mail). Thanks a lot HRH ‘Party Time’ the Queen.

I did end up sticking the motors and the servo onto the battery holder with the foam tape. The foam tape is wonderful. The battery pack only *just* fits the motors and the servo on it. I’d get the 4 battery one if I had to do it again. And if I didn’t have 2 battery holders that held only 3 batteries already.

All in all this was a frustratingly fidgety stage in the building process. Tiny wires, soldering, wrong heat shrink tube, etc.


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