SMaR: Day 5 Hooking Everything Up

header5The new heatshrink tube came in, so now I can lengthen the wires on my motors and hook everything up.
Or at least so I thought. But by the time I’d received the heatshrink tubing, the motors had come off the robot body. Turns out that foam tape isn’t as good as I first thought.
I ended up fixing the motors to the battery holder with an elastic band. This is only a temporary solution until I find a better way of fixing it. I tried super glue, but that was no good either.

Ouch... After I fixed that, I lengthened the wires for the motors. Now as I was doing this at home and I feel comfortable in my home to just do as I please without hurting anyone, I was doing this particular bit of soldering in my pants. I suggest you take the safety regulations slightly more seriously. I ended up dropping some smoldering solder on my leg and it burned a 3rd degree hole in my skin.
So don’t be an idiot like me.
On the upside; I’ll have a robot building scar, that’s pretty cool. But for now it is just gross and sore.

Now I could hook everything (except for the Sharp) up to the project board, put in batteries and plug in the programming cable.

For the programming you need some software. First off you need a driver for the programming cable. Second you need the actual programming software. Both can be found on the Picaxe website.

I entered the programming code to program the servo. Until this moment the servo had just been sitting there. I mean it’s pretty much ready assembled, so I didn’t need to do much with that. The servo is the most easy-going part of this robot, seriously.
Seeing the robot move and respond to my commands is probably the most excited I’ve been throughout this process.

If you’re wondering why I gave this day an orange rating, it’s simple: third degree burn + robots first signs of life = neutral mood.

I then tried to hook up my Sharp, but unfortunately I hadn’t ordered the cable, as I thought I could just solder on some wires. But no, three female headers won’t fit onto the Sharp’s connection, so I ordered the cable separately.


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