SMaR: Day 7 Programming

header7 copyThe robot is finished! All that is left is to program it to do what I want. Like a little robot slave, muahahaha!

The programming is easy enough. Except I needed to read it very carefully to get my wheel commands right.

My wheels responded to the following:

high 4

low 5

high 7

low 6

4&5 were the left wheel, 6&7 the right one.

This made the little guy move forward.

The robot in the tutorial does not move forward on these commands.

After reading the instructions carefully I altered the motor commands to correspond with my robots motor inputs.

I also decided to make the ‘nodanger’ command 30 instead of 70, as my flat is small, and if I had to turn everytime anything got at a 70cm distance I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere.

It didn’t really do much exciting stuff and I couldn’t figure out if it was doing what I wanted it to do. So instead I downloaded the program from the website and studied that, so I can alter it in the future.

Want to know what the result was?


I finished the robot on the day the potential Higgs boson discovery was announced. So I’ve decided to name the little guy Higgs.

Look at little Higgs run around! What a wonderful little guy! (Please ignore my filthy kitchen floor)

Now I can also see that he doesn’t drive around as smoothly as you’d hope he would. This has to do with the fact the battery pack is just ever so slightly too small. I am going to attach all of these parts to a bit of wood or something similar to make it a bit more spaceous and that’ll fix it, as the rest of the robot works fine. But for now, he works as well as I’d hoped he would!

Just to reiterate: Higgs is a independently moving robot. The Sharp IR measures how far away objects around him are and makes decisions whether going forward, left or right is the most viable plan. Besides the programming I did, there is no control, no remote controlling, no dictated path he should follow.

It took me 7 days (excluding days of waiting for deliveries), sleepless nights, third degree burns, sleepless nights and a lot of money, but seeing my own little robot drive around my flat made it all worth it.


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